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Peace Through

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Peace Friendship Reconciliation

Following the success of a singing workshop and performances led by Janet Russell during the 2014 Spring Peace Festival in Leek, Janet kindly agreed to act as Musical Director for the first 6 months to help launch the Peace Through Folk Choir. Thanks to her inspired leadership the choir got off to such a good start and its numbers are now over 30 with a regular singing out team of 24.

Lester Simpson took over as Musical Director from Janet in November 2014.

The choir also enjoys the leadership of our Assistant Director Penny Barfield on the Wednesday / Thursday evening sessions. (Janet Russell remains with us as a guest director)

George Mahoney is Choir Manager who looks after bookings, diary and administration.

Pat Hawksworth is Assistant Choir Manager.

Marian Bond is Song Book editor

The choir has a large repertoire of songs (mainly three and four-part harmony) which celebrate Peace, Friendship, Reconciliation, Social Justice and a better, kinder, more sustainable Planet Earth for future generations.

In 2019 they became an independent organisation and in January 2020  changed the name to The Leek Peace Choir. They retain friendly links with the Peace Through Folk Trust

Singing with The Leek Peace Choir is not just meaningful and worthwhile it is also such great fun! Rehearsals are usually held in Friends Meeting House, Overton Bank, Leek where they meet three times a month:-

 on a Sunday afternoon 1.30 until 4.30pm (dates vary as specified) with Lester Simpson

 on the first Wednesday evening of each month 7.30 until 9.30pm with Penny Barfield

 on the third Thursday evening of each month 7.30 until 9.30pm with Penny Barfield

Performances out so far have included The Manifold Gathering 2014 and The Folk Gatherings 2015 2016, 2017 and 2018 , Peace Tent at Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2014 and Peace Concert, Sabrina Stage Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2015, Out of Darkness into Light Concert, Leek April 2015, and Liveage Festival Folk Day October 2015. Coope Boyes and Simpson CODA Farewell concert May 11 2017, The Young Uns Christmas Concert 2017, and numerous other events.

The Leek Peace Choir